Complete/Partial Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices fabricated to replace missing teeth and can restore facial collapse from prolonged period of tooth loss. Dentures are supported by the surrounding hard and soft tissues in the mouth. Dentures can help improve food chewing, speech, esthetics, and ultimately help the patient gain self esteem. Patients can select from various materials of denture teeth to achieve the most optimal results.

We understand that the loss of teeth can greatly compromise one’s self confidence. We take time to analyze each patient’s structural support and facial anatomy to create the most natural and esthetic result tailored only to you. No one size fits all. Therefore it generally takes about 4 to 5 appointments, over the course of one month, to complete the treatment.

What to expect during each appointment:

1st Appointment: Impressions are taken to capture the anatomy of the oral cavity.

2nd Appointment: Accurate measurements are taken to record the jaw relations. From communication between the doctor and the patient, the shade, size, and shape of the denture teeth are carefully selected to best fit the patient.

3rd Appointment: Teeth try-in. The patient will be able to visualize the preliminary results of their new dentures.

4th Appointment: Delivery of the dentures and necessary adjustments are made to ensure proper fitting.

Follow-up Appointments: Adjustments of the dentures will be needed as the anatomy of the jaw changes over time.

Alternative Options:

For patients who want more retention and support, dental implants may be an option. Implants most closely resemble the feel and functions of natural teeth. Feel free to ask us for more information or click on the following link.

Dental Implants

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